Team Workshops

When is a team a team?

Is your team a real team or just a group of individuals gathered together under an executive as per the organizational chart? Do you know what the exact role of your fellow colleague is? Can you define where your responsibility ends and where that of your colleague begins? Do you see your weekly team meetings as a waste of time? Do you feel sufficiently involved in information and work processes? Do competition and the will of the strong prevail amongst colleagues or do mutual trust and genuine respect, even in the face of the diversity of personalities involved?

I work on issues such as these in team workshops. Teams that function well not only bring out the best performance, but make working together fun. Team members know one another and appreciate each other’s qualities and capabilities. They provide constructive criticism and support each other. They fight for the cause and have a sense of humor.

Do you feel like being part of such a team? I can help you!