About me

A charmingly resolute catalyst

My name is Berit Susan Sievers. I am an organizational consultant and coach. I live in the countryside about half an hour to by train from Munich, and look after a three-legged farm cat. Why am I offering up this information? Well, it might give you an idea of who I am. I’ve been described by clients as “refreshingly different” and “not superficial like other consultants.” They may be on to something.

Since 2001 I have been coaching people in organizations, individually as part of a team or in larger organizational units. I work with employees and managers, across all hierarchical levels, and am familiar with a wide range of sectors. With nearly eight years experience in human resources and organizational development in an international software company, I know the significance of the global matrix structure in daily work routines. And as a fully qualified lawyer, I am trained to analyze situations clearly and to provide my clients a sound structure throughout the coaching process.

I have great respect for the knowledge of my clients since they are the real experts for resolving their concerns. I act more like a catalyst that – with charm and resoluteness, sometimes uncomfortably, but always sincerely – helps to enhance the expertise that is already there and dares to push all the right buttons.

Qualifications – Certified in

  • Insights Discovery, Insights Group Deutschland GmbH
  • Psychological Safety, The Fearless Organization Scan
  • EssenzCoaching®, Unternehmensberatung Heiligenfeld & Pietzko
  • Agile Organizational Consulting, Werkstatt für kollegiale Führung, Bernd Oesterreich & Claudia Schroeder
  • Holistic Organizational Development, Werkstatt
  • Systemic Organizational Consulting, Management Zentrum Witten,
    Prof. Rudolf Wimmer, Margit Oswald, Fritz B. Simon, Klaus Doppler, et al.
  • Human Resources and Organizational Development, WBB/PDI Germany
  • Systemic Consulting (Coaching), Hernstein Institute for Management and Leadership
  • Moderation / Dynamic Facilitation, Jim Rough
  • HOGAN Assessments, Meta-Consulting
  • Golden Profiler of Personality (GPOP), Hogrefe