Refreshingly different

“Berit Sievers is a refreshing change from the typical representatives of the league of trainers and consultants. She is curious and responsive, creative and goal-oriented, attentive and objective. No meeting without result, no issue without closure. This is how I imagine consulting today.”
Marketing Director

“When you work with Berit Sievers you can always tell she is quite simply a people person. Her high degree of professional competence helps her maintain focus on the matter at hand, especially in complex situations.”
HR Manager

“As a manager I worked together with Berit Sievers for many years. She was for me and my team the ideal person for human resources development and we miss her very much. Not only does Berit understand, encourage and strengthen people, but she also clearly communicates the requirements and objectives of the company and of the business. For me, collaborating with Berit Sievers means trust, humor, thinking outside the box and good results.”

“What I particularly appreciate about Berit Sievers is that she manages to get people on board, truly cares for corporate affairs and personal interests, when necessary thinks outside the box and yet always stays results-oriented. It’s fun to work with her and get results.”
General Manager

“When I recall the beginning, and now look at the present and the change in me and in my environment, well, I never imagined how positive the outcome would be in the end. Your outstanding expertise and insightful, proactive and 360-degree approach, as well as your way of “not letting go” when I didn’t know how to describe situations exactly, have prepared me perfectly for specific issues in my role as manager. We found the trigger for my spin-out behavior and I no longer allow myself to be triggered 🙂 I never thought that I could turn a weakness into one of my biggest strengths. I can’t thank you enough. My personal professional success is in part your success! Thank you.”
Executive in an international pharmaceutical company

“Berit is a very inspirational figure who, using the most diverse and creative methods, manages to move individuals to reflect and change their way of thinking, to adopt different viewpoints and to pursue new and sometimes unusual or unconventional ways. She is a very open, warm, optimistic and humorous person with whom people like to work and who immediately earns their trust. Berit is a very good mediator also when working with teams and succeeds in guiding and reconciling different and sometimes difficult personalities.

I would recommend Berit without exception for both coaching and team development for any management level with any topic of key concern. Thanks, Berit, for a fantastic and fruitful collaboration!”
HR business partner in an international corporation