Change Management

What have been the biggest changes

… in your life? A move when you were a child? Starting out in your career? The birth of your first child? The loss of a job? A company merger?

Change has many facets, and not all are pleasant, especially when you have no choice in the matter but instead are thrown in at the deep end by circumstances beyond your control.

I help individuals deal with change – in their company, their department, their team or themselves! I doing so, I give my clients insight into what they have in their control and where they can (only) have influence. I encourage my clients to make the best use of their influence and to exercise it consciously and constructively.
Incidentally, I have often made what I believe is a fascinating observation: That people often feel powerless in the face of change whether they are the ones who “ordered” the change or are the ones responsible for implementing and living the change.

No matter which side my clients are on, whether subjective or objective, I take their concerns seriously and encourage them to focus precisely on their self-efficacy in times of change:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi