Leadership Coaching

“Do the thing right.” or “Do the right thing.”

What do you get up for in the morning? What do you take the lead on? Do you need more expertise than your colleagues? Which values matter to you? What guides you? How do you bring your actions into line? Are errors allowed? Does the boss always have the last word? How much knowledge do you want to share? How much knowledge should you share? What is all the effort for? What motivates people? When do you say “No”? Do you do what you expect of others? Do you practice what you preach?

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ready answer to every question! I didn’t either. But perhaps you felt like finding the answers as you read through the questions. What does leadership mean to you? What does leadership look like in your organization – or what could it look like?

Leadership can be covered in one-on-one coaching as well as commissioned as part of organizational development. The breadth and scope is up to you!