Coaching assignments

… are true expeditions: The point is to broaden horizons, to provide choices, to discover alternative courses of action and new perspectives, or to find personal direction. Frequently requested coaching topics include

  • Leading and implementing change
  • Dealing with “a difficult boss”
  • Creating a team from a loose group of employees
  • Conducting performance review meetings
  • Coping with a multitude of tasks
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • Recognizing your own strengths and priorities
  • Planning your next career steps
  • (Re)discovering the meaning of your career and your personal calling

Coaching is of a temporary nature. As a coach, my goal is that the individual being coached (coachee) –that is, the client – is able to dispense with me as early as possible. Some coaching assignments take only one or two sessions; some – especially when it comes to attitude change and personal growth – extend over a longer period, for example one year. Likewise, the time between sessions differs for each client; more frequent meetings make sense at the start, about every two weeks; later, less frequent meetings are enough, approximately once every three months. Whatever the case, you decide as coachee where the coaching expedition takes you and how long it lasts!