Resilience Coaching

Are you like a rubber band?

Please excuse this somewhat simple comparison, but the term “resilience” comes from materials engineering, and rubber bands are highly resilient: even after being stretched to their limit they return to their original, relaxed state without having suffered any damage. And that’s the point: resilience prevents damage such as burnout.

How to remain or become resilient and how to preserve or regain that important sense of self-determination in demanding situations and under stressful conditions is what my resilience training is all about. Whether in one-on-one coaching sessions or in group workshops, the focus is often not so much on the current, objective situation, but the subjective pressure we feel. “I can’t…,” “I need to…,” and “That won’t work! / That’s impossible!” are often typical inner dialogues.

I encourage individuals – one-on-one and in teams, in private and in business – to recognize the levers for their personal resilience, to identify supportive behaviors and to ensure that useful intentions can become a reality. And never fear: it is often the little things that make a huge positive difference. Go for it!