Don’t be modest!

From my work in organizational development and coaching I know it can work:

  • You look after your own interests and concern yourself with what is important – even when hardly a week goes by without change.
  • After long discussions beating around the bush, opposing sides finally gain the necessary security and structure to talk openly with one another and engage in genuine problem-solving dialogue.
  • You can better cope with the annoying behavior of your “favorite” colleague because you understand the mechanisms involved and have learned to deal more calmly with stress.
  • As a team you reflect on what you are in a position to do, and thus arouse the curiosity of a related department that had previously walled itself off.
  • You skillfully direct criticism towards the hierarchy so that real improvements are possible, and the fish no longer “stinks from the head down.”

Do you recognize yourself and your individual concerns? Contact me to schedule an initial, no-obligation consultation. You will quickly understand the personal benefit in working with me: unorthodox and direct, warm and humorous. Refreshing. Essential.